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Kimiko Nakahara
South Africa
Hi there ^_^

I am a cosplayer since 2012
I am 18 years old
I enjoy writing fanfics, watching anime and cosplaying.

In not even a year cosplay has taken over my life completely, I am not a very shy person so I walk around in my cosplay in town and not care what people say.

Facebook page:…




I want to do Vocaloid dance covers as well so as soon as I start I will post a link to my Youtube channel ^_^

Oh also, I have a Vocaloid Cosplayers page on FaceBook so if you wish to feature your Vocaloid cosplays in it just like the page and follow the instructions in the information:…

Cosplays I've done:

Hatsune Miku Camellia
Hatsune Miku Original
Alois Trancy - Funeral
Hatsune Miku - Happy Synthesizer
Hatsune Miku - Love is War
Cardcaptor Sakura - White dress
  • Mood: Overwhelmed
  • Listening to: Hatsune Miku
  • Reading: Yaoi :3
  • Watching: Tonari no Kaibutso-kun
  • Eating: Sour worms
  • Drinking: Coke

I have so much to tell you so this will be in point form to make it easy to understand. LOL.

1. Cos-skating
So I went Cos-skating with a bunch on fellow cosplayers including :iconxpegasusx: , :iconyukino-yoru: , :iconinsaneninjane: and :iconmorguechan: and we had a blast :D Getting to hang out with Yukino-senpai and Morgue-chan, who I respect greatly as a cosplayers, was simply amazing! I went as my Alois Trancy from Black Butler (my first crossplay), I did the funeral version and :iconyukino-yoru: went as Kuroneko from 'There is no way my little sister is this cute' we dubbed ourselves 'The Funeral Parlor' XD. Naturally as time drew near for me to head home something just had to happen, you see someone was skating to fast and bumped into me which caused them to lose their balance so the person clung to me causing me to lose my balance and down went the cosplayer. The landing wasn't to hard but sitting afterwards was a rather difficult task and OH my wig fell off, how did this happen you ask? I have no idea XD so Yukino-senpai borrowed me her brush and I went to the bathroom to save my poor wig, Yukino-senpai thought it was hilarious and dubbed me 'The drowned rat' but she couldn't find the right Japanese word for drowned so I ended up 'The drinking rat' XD all in all it was great fun even with the minor mishap and I hope to attend something similar again. ^_^

So I was asked to be featured in a local magazine called 'Enthooz' for being the only cosplayer in my town (Sad truth), I was so happy and I hope that this will get more people in my town interested, anyway when I looked through my pictures to give in for the magazine I WAS NOT PLEASED! All my pictures looked boring and plain and not worthy of use and I was devastated so I begged my friend Lo-ann to take a few pictures for me. The day of the 'photoshoot' came and I was nervous (I suck at posing for pictures) but Lo-ann was very patient, she also did my make-up for me (which I am really grateful for since I suck at applying make-up) and she made it really fun. We got quite a few good pictures and I was so happy that I had pictures to send in, I shared some of the pictures on facebook and everyone loved it so I hope Lo-ann will take more pictures for me in the future.

3. Support
So as most know I am still pretty much a newby and have only cosplayed two characters thus far (Hatsune Miku and Alois Trancy) but I am so happy, when I posted some of my newer pictures I got up to thirteen likes on almost each one, now that may not mean a lot to most but to me those 13 likes meant the world, it means I am doing something right a a cosplayer :D I made a new friend Kristie and she told me that my Miku had inspired her to cosplay Miku and that my Miku cosplay was greatly done and that meant so much to me, I love Miku and I am so glad I got someone else to want to cosplay Miku. My friends Linda and Baka Sakura said that when they think of Miku my Miku comes to mind which makes me really happy so I want to thank everyone for their great support, I really appreciate it! <3

And the last topic for this FRICKEN LONG journal is KIN-CON which is in... ELEVEN DAYS!! O_O So most know that I am cosplaying Miku, Happy Synthesizer version to KIN-CON and that I will be performing on stage with :iconxpegasusx: but what you don't know is, is that we don't practice together till ON the day of KIN-CON!! It's slightly nerve-wrecking but what really has me worried is the fact that I finally got a sewing machine (last week) and now parents got me someone to teach me (this up coming weekend) and they are expecting me to make the whole outfit myself! Someone kill me now, I will try it and do the best that I can and hope for the best so let us see how this turns out.

Wish me luck and the next update will most likely be after KIN-CON, oh yes and I will be uploading some pictures from the shoot :D

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haru-duckie-chan Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
OMG! you're watching me!!! and i didn't even know you had a DA!!!! 
Hanna-Pirita Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch on this account too. <3
Gama-Kaeru Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch, though this is my old account and never updates anymore... If you wanna follow my newer works, just go to here ~Hanna-Pirita
Raleyks Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thank you for the Watch^^ XXX
deanibean94 Oct 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch! Clap so much awesomeness in your cosplays! Pikachu Loves It Plz  I'm saving up to start cosplaying too very soon! you shall be one of my sensei's!I am a dummy! 
>//////< thank you and I am super excited to hear that :D keep me posted, okay? :D
deanibean94 Oct 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Defnitely! :D
The-Insane-Puppeteer Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch! 
Btw, your cosplays are great!
No problem, I love your gallery!  :happybounce:
Raleyks Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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